Quality Auto Services at A-1 Estate Avenue S.I.T.E, KHI

We are committed to the provision of the finest car mechanics in the region. Once you avail our services, you will be convinced by our level of care and attention.

What We Do

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Periodic Maintenance

Following a regular maintenance schedule can help avoid costly repairs to the cooling system and other components.

Electrical Check Up​

Our Automotive Technicians are qualified to Fix electrical parts or to repair and maintain electrical wiring and components in motor vehicles.

Car Detailing

Detailing includes all the non-mechanical components of your vehicle. It's a head-to-toe revitalization for your vehicle.

Body Repair

Body Repair Works included paint repairs of scratches, scuffs, and dents as well as body repairs of vehicles damaged by collisions.

Air Conditioning Services

Whenever you have your car repaired, have the air conditioning checked. On average, your car's air conditioning needs to be checked after about a year.

Alignment & Balancing​​

An Alignment & Balancing Technician is responsible for the safe operation of aligning all the newly mounted tires and wheels


Pak Suzuki Warranty for its vehicles, repairs or replaces defects in your car or that your car is of a certain quality for a certain period of time.

Suzuki Genuine Part

Always use AUTHENTIC SUZUKI PARTS for excellent performance, durability, safety and comfort.

Suzuki Genuine Oil

Pak Suzuki, as a designer and manufacturer of Suzuki vehicles, knows best the real need for lubrication.

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Need a Roadside Assistance?

If your car or truck breaks down in the middle of the road, we can be of assistance! Our outstanding team can rectify problems in your vehicle and get you back on the road at the earliest.


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